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Registration Options:

To Reserve your spot - Payment has to be made and processed by Zen Planner.  Don't hesitate, make your payment now!

Option I.  Try on of our complimentary sessions on Thursday evenings (Indoor location only).  Must contact Lisa to reserve your spot.

Option II.  Sign up for a Intro to Crossfit or one of our Outdoor Fit Camps; see various locations.  NO PREREQUISITES to join.
CFH Intro (mornings, noon & evenings)
Memorial Park (evenings)
Lukes Locker (mornings)
Cleveland Park (evenings)
Hermann Park (evenings)

Option III.  Sign up for "The On Ramp-Barbell 101".  This is the prerequisite to all CFH group classes at our indoor facility.

Option IV.  Sign up for CFH group classes: Set, Flex or Premium packages

Option V.  Purchase a gift certificate; can be used towards Intro classes, Outdoor Fit Camps, On Ramp, and CrossFit classes as long as the prerequisites have been met.

Questions?   832-265-8195